What makes a sign a Miracle?

On-premise signs are one of the most cost effective forms of promoting your business. No other form of business-to-customer communication–be it television, radio, or print advertising–can match on-premise signs in cost per one thousand impressions.

That in mind, Miracle Signs has made its mark using unique, eye-catching design and innovative fabrication to get our customers noticed. We maximize the potential of your sign to draw people in your door.

Bottom line, we build business.

Types of Signs & Verbiage

A sign structure consisting of the frame and face(s), not including the internal components, embellishments, or support structure. May be illuminated.

A sign structure consisting of the frame and face(s), not including the internal components, embellishments, or support structure. May be illuminated.

LED Display
An electronically or mechanically variable-message sign enabling changes to be made from locations other than at the sign.

  • Pan Channel Plex Face Letter

A dimensional letter that is constructed with side walls, a back, and a face, making the letter a solid integral unit with the side walls and back having a pan-shaped cross-section.

  • Pan Channel Plex Face Letter with Raceway

An electrical enclosure that may also serve as a mounting structure for the sign.

  • Reverse Channel Lighted Letter

An illuminated reverse channel letter with an open or translucent back so that light from the letter is directed against the surface behind the letter, producing a halo lighting effect around the letter; also referred to as silhouette- or halo-lighted.

  • Open Face Channel Letter

A dimensional letter that has no face and, if illuminated, has a visible light source. A clear face for physical protection of internal components may be used.


Metal Signs

Non-lighted sign that most commonly comes with a thickness of .040” and has vinyl or paint applied to it.

Monument Sign

A ground sign with low overall height.

Neon Sign or Tube

A sign utilizing a cold-cathode-gas discharge tube produced in straight or formed configuration; generally referred to as a neon-gas discharge tube, whether filled with neon or a mixture of two or more other inert gases (argon, helium, krypton, or xenon). Neon-tube lighting is a custom designed, optimally visible lighting system that may be shaped to form letters, parts of letters, skeleton tubing, outline lighting, and other decorative elements or art forms, in various colors and diameters. The cold-cathode tube can operate for many years, while the hot-cathode fluorescent lamp is limited to a relatively short life, as is the incandescent bulb. (See fluorescent lamp; incandescent bulb.)

Outdoor Dimensional Lettering

A cut-out, cast, fabricated, or molded material such as metal or plastic, in the shape of a letter, logo, or symbol.

Pan Face

A plastic sign face molded into a three-dimensional shape. Also called molded face, molded and embossed face, or molded and debossed face.

Post & Panel

An unlighted sign which uses one or more visible posts to support the sign body.


A letter or logo that is cut out of a backing material as thick or thicker than the sign face material, and then mounted on the inside of the sign face so that the backing material’s thickness extends flush with or through and beyond the front plane of the sign face.

Pylon/Pole Sign

A freestanding sign with a visible support structure, which may or may not be enclosed by a pole cover. The pole cover is used for concealing and/or decorating poles or other structural supports of a ground sign.